First and foremost Omkra is the people – a small group of persons inspiring one another (though sometimes it looks completely inversely). In our opinion a home atmosphere in the band is a fundamental rule according to the music creation. The idyviduality of every each of us plays very important part – everyone has some special feature what influences on the entirety. So we would like to write a few words about everybody.



Nick: Tatalia
Real name: Natalia Wegrzyn
Her part: vocals and shouts, sometimes the drums
Date of birth: 29th May 1981 in Bielsko.
Interests: Yoyo, bass guitar

Natalia has been singing in Omkara since January'2000. Before she came to the band her place had been occupied by Mukunda-Prija, devi dasi – her best friend. When changes in private life had forced Mukunda to leave Omkara (Bielsko also), the time for decisions came. Nobody knew whether we should look for somebody else or maybe hand the microphone to Yoyo, who including drumming would also sing. At that time Natalia had been closely connected with the band and as soon as we figured out she could replace Mukunda, it became obvious that no better choice could have been made. In any case, Mukunda thought the same. Thus the new period in Natalia's life has started, the same as Omkara's.

Natalia is a very sweet person. Generally quiet and smiling – she is able to win the people over. On stage she is totally absorbed in what she is doing. Like it is sead colloquially... She feels the hardcore rhythm.

Her relation with Hare Krishna has its beginning in 1994 and since 1997 she has started to identify herself with the philosophy. She is an apprentice of Indradyumna Maharaja and every year she is possible to be met on summer Hare Krishna festivals (so-called tournee).

In spite of her punk rock roots she enjoys various music – from Hindu-related sounds up to death-grindcore motives.


  1. Guano Apes - everything
  2. Deftones - everything
  3. Life Of Agony - almost everything
  4. Korn - almost everything
  5. Slipknot - everything
  6. Moby - Play
  7. Shelter - almost everything
  8. Undrop - everything
  9. Ewa Braun - everything
  10. Metallica - Ride The Lighting
  11. No Doubt - almost everything
  12. Village Of Peace - Where We Come From
  13. Ga-Ga - Oj, oj, oj
  14. Janis Joplin - everything

(currently favorites)

  1. Deftones - Bored
  2. Spineshank - Transparent
  3. Moby - Why Does My Heart Feels So Bad
  4. Downset - Ritual
  5. Guano Apes - Big In Japan
  6. Slipknot - Wait And Bleed
  7. Moby - Into The Blue
  8. Life Of Agony - Weeds
  9. Omkara - Ballada O Rzezniku
  10. Spainshank - Stovebolt




Nick: Yoyo
Last Name: Piotr Jakimów
His part: drums, shouts, vocals and lyrics
Date of birth: 14th November 1979 in Zywiec
Interests: Natalia, computers, mixing and sound recording, computer graphics
Plays also: Akurat (poetic ska), Chory (power violence)

Because of the fact that I am the author of these words it will not be a hundred percent objective ;-)

Thus I have established this band and so far I feel responsible for what is going on with Omkara, both musically and lyrically, but fortunately I see that entirety of an image starts to depend also of the other members of our „tiny family”.

In 1996 I have started to develop myself spiritually and from then on, inspired by potency that lurks in transcendental matters, I have been thinking about its manifestation, possible over establishing a group. I was also playing in Akurat and in a few other bands (including hardcore), what made the whole case easier.

Generally I try to be nice and smiling, but as you know trying and being are sometimes completely different things. (I have quite „electronic” attitude to music and its creating, thus the biggest satisfaction gives me compiling the styles and uniqueness of tone – hence a key to low A tune (in any case, it stops to be as original).

For me music, as Leroy (a Polish rap singer) used to say, is „a motion of the air” and if it is about „style” I am generally governed by sincerity and what the authors want to transmit, as well as the uniqueness of tone.


  1. Downset - everything
  2. Spineshank - everything
  3. Moby - Everything Is Wrong, Play
  4. Black Train Jack - everything
  5. Slipknot - everything
  6. 108 - Serve And Defy
  7. Korn - Korn
  8. Life Of Agony - River Runs Red, Soul Searching Sun
  9. Sayer - almost everything (exepts Kerry's solos)
  10. Abhinanda - Abhinanda
  11. Dezerter - everything
  12. Faith No More - The Realthing, King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime
  13. Biohazard - Urban Discipline, Mataleo
  14. Green Day - Dookie
  15. Bob Marley - almost everything
  16. Shelter - Attainting The Supreme, Mantra, When 20 Summer Pass
  17. Sri Hari - everything
  18. Agnihotra - especially ep „pretect your friends”
  19. Dune - Dune and Expedition
  20. Sepultura - everything, and especially Chaos A.D.
  21. Kraftwerk - all old stuff

(currently favorites)

  1. Moby - Into The Blue
  2. 88 Fingers Louie - Drunk & Ugly
  3. Downset - Ritual
  4. Shelter - In The Van Again
  5. Spineshank - Stovebolt
  6. Moby - Why Does My Heart Feels So Bad
  7. Soulfly - Soulfly II
  8. Slipknot - Get This
  9. Earth Crisis - Slither
  10. POD - Southtown
  11. Waltari - Far Away
  12. Dune - Hardcore Vibes
  13. Suicidal Tendecies - Heaven
  14. Rob D - Clubbed Do Death
  15. Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive
  16. X.a.n.p.h.e.X - Last Day




Nick: Rufa (or Rufiu)
Real name: Rafal Paluch
His part: bass guitar
W Omkarze: gitara basowa
Date of birth: 4th November 1979 in Brenna
Interests: psychology, philosophy, theology, and music

Before Rufa joined Omkara, as well as Natalia he had a lot to do with the group. It was possible by his membership to our local Nama-Hatta (the congregation of Hare Krishna). He hasn’t played the bass before, he preferred rather to skateboard. When we realized that Greg couldn't stay constantly in the band we asked Rufa if he wouldn't like to start preparing to take his place. Thus by this coincidence Rufa's adventure with the bass guitar has started.

Rufa is very serious if it stands for developing his musical technique. It shows that bass playing can absorb him and when something goes wrong he tries hard to make it correct. He also feels good behind the drums and when there is just some spare time during the rehearsals, he sits and trains the new rhythms.

Rufa is generally a calm guy. He speaks little, but when he has to say something he doesn't talk nonsense. One advantage has to be granted him – he is never late and always controls when the play has to be ended to avoid missing the bus.

His meeting with Hare Krishna took place in 1997, thanks to Jajko, who got him away for one of the Sunday's agenda in Bielsko. As it's about philosophy or understanding certain aspects of spirituality he is both observant and careful. He believes that there must be a logical answer for everything.

He listens to various music, from strong tones of hardcore and metal to reggae and techno. Especially he prefers the unique tones.


  1. Korn - everything
  2. Rage Against The Machine - everything
  3. Tool - everything
  4. 108 - everything
  5. Slipknot - almost everything
  6. Downset - everything
  7. Beastie Boys - everything
  8. Village Of Peace - everything
  9. Biohazard - especially Mataleo
  10. Tiamat - everything
  11. Helmet - everything
  12. Life Of Agony - Rivers Runs Red
  13. Metallica - everything

(currently favorites)

  1. Spainshank - In Take
  2. Slipknot - Wait And Bleed
  3. Korn - Somebody Someone
  4. Downset - Holding Hands
  5. Rage Against The Machine - Revolver
  6. Helmet - Wilma's Rainbow
  7. Nomeansno - Metronome
  8. Tiamat - Wildhoney
  9. Coal Chamber - Shock The Monkey
  10. Biohazard - Autority
  11. Village Of Peace - Pastimes





Nick: Jajko (or XjajkoX)
Real name: Sebastian Gorka
His part: 6-string guitar
Date of birth: 29th December 1979
Interests: Computer programming, music and creating it using a computer, sociology
Plays also: Watching Me Fall (HC), No Turn A Blind Eye (HC)

Jajko has been in Omkara from the beginning that is since vacations 1998, when we had our first rehearsal in Ustron, with an old name „Front Wyzwolenia” (Liberation Front). Thanks to Jajko and his fast headway in playing the guitar Omkara could develop rapidly in the first stage of its existence. Besides, Jajko has always introduced by his personality and specific sense of humor a positive atmosphere in the group. Playing the guitar can absorb him in a 100%. He is able to sit at home and play for hours.

One of his biggest passion is rodents. He is an owner of a spinny mouse and a guinea pig however his biggest dream is an anteater. In his spare time he occupies himself with programs, games and music made on the computer. He is a student of computer science in Bielsko.
Jajko become interested in philosophy of Hare Krishna in 1997. At present he doesn't consider himself as a Hare Krishna, however spiritual life still plays an important role in his existence.

With his ultrafunny attitude to life he is very important person in Omkara.

He is one of the most active guys on the local independent scene. Except Omkara he plays in Watching Me Fall and No Turn A Blind Eye. Also he is a member of X3M Crew.

If it is about music he generally prefers hardcore sounds. From the former old-school things through emo and some brand new, almost deth-metalic, but he likes also less heavy tones, sometimes called „depressings”.


  1. 108 - everything
  2. Strife - everything
  3. Snapcase - everything
  4. Downset - everything
  5. Beastie Boys - everything
  6. Serene - everything
  7. Rage Against The Machine - everything
  8. Tiamat - everything
  9. Refused - everything
  10. Life Of Agony - everything
  11. Awake - everything
  12. Abhinanda - everything
  13. Poison The Well - everything
  14. New Day Rising - everything
  15. Earth Crisis - everything
  16. One King Down - everything
  17. Morning Again - everything
  18. Zao - everything
  19. Statecraft - everything
  20. Hatebreed - everything
  21. Purusam - everything
  22. Bloodcet - everything
  23. Shorebreak - everything
  24. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - everything

(currently favorites)

  1. Poison the well - Slice Paper Wrists
  2. Opposite force - Keep United
  3. Walls Of Jericho - Playing Solider Again
  4. Shorebreak - Just something
  5. Snapcase - Incarnation
  6. No Innocent Victim - Flesh & Blood
  7. Shockwave - Buzzsaw
  8. Merauder - Five Deadly Venoms
  9. One King Down - More Hate Then Fear
  10. Out For Blood - Strive To Survive
  11. Hatebreed - Before Dishonor
  12. Shield - Hide
  13. Despair - The Need Is Done
  14. Strife - Moments
  15. New day rising - Masters Bullet
  16. Guilt - Untiltled#4





Nick: Demonic
Real name: Dominik Luczak
His part: second 6-string guitar
Born: 26th September 1976 in Cracow
Interests: Psychology, travels
Plays also: Village of Peace (reggae)

Dominic, also called Demonic has been in the group more less the same time as Natalia (well... maybe a few weeks longer). Since a long ago when he used to meet Yoyo during some holidays or on the festivals it was certain that if the room, some equipment and a few musicians were fixed Demonic would join with the pleasure. Inspired by spirituality he always wanted to play in the band with such inclinations. Thus joining Omkara had given him a variety of the ways to improve in this direction. He has lots of ideas. The piece titled „Patrze i widze nienawisc w Twoich oczach” (I look and see hatred in your eyes) is an authorship of his. He sings it as well.

From the spiritual point of view he is the most active member of our group. Since a long ago he has been traveling with a moving Hare Krishna festival. He has also arranged lots of Krishna events. Besides he writes a research work about sects and new religious movements what is combined with his psychological studies.

By nature he is a very energetic person, having a thousand ideas for an hour. You can talk with him about lots of different subjects. Sometimes he happens to be unbearable, but because of love to him everything can be forgiven.

Demonic generally prefers to listen hard beats – hard-core, metal and punk rock. He used to play in such bands in the past.



Bhakta Jozeph
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Bhakta Jozeph