Here some informations and reflections on subjects concerning our attitude will be placed. We are followers of vishnuism, vegetarians/vegans. We have different beliefs from most of people. To avoid being understood superficially we do what we do, because there is a certain gist of special importance for us.
This rapidly developing division was created to cast light on a few things.

Vegetarianism versus "making the world better" author: Yoyo

This is an answer for the Maciek's comment on the article "Our Way". I decided to place it here for that issue often arouses questions.

We believe vegetarianism is the key to "making the better world". It may be taken under consideration from many planes - economic, moral and spiritual (karmic).


felicitous cite:

"From the year 1960 about 25% of Latin American rain forest have been burned out and purified to create new pastures for the cattle (...) more >>>

Sex machine - Woman
author: Natalia

It's hard to believe how many raped women exist around us. They live with a monstrous load of the feeling of guilt and shame, with a stamp left by some brutal primitive, charged up with desire, being fed on the nourishment served by television, press, billboards, magazines etc., which create the hideous image of women not as a person, but as a senses' satisfier - sex machine.

It all seems to be innocent, what in reality becomes so dangerous (...) more >>>

How to make a theist from an atheist and vice versa?
author: Yoyo

I am wondering whether there is a sense in proving God's existence or his absence using logic. Personally I have read many materials connected with both sides and honestly, in my opinion, from the logical point of view every single of them seemed to have incontrovertible proofs.

Today all are able to prove everybody everything, especially, when somebody is fluent in fast, logical drawing conclusions, correct words choosing, putting the pressure on and manipulating his statement to make it most absorbing as possible, we can be sure that the proper effect will be achieved. (...) more >>>

Our way
author: Yoyo

We all wonder why, despite so many revolutions, protests and warnings, this world still remains such a rotten place. What is worse, we observe it consist in increasing degradation. More and more people ask themselves this question.

It seems that the answer is as simple. It happens like this because everyone wants to change the world except himself. So many manifestos, so many pointing the others.... so many hypocrisy. (...) more >>>

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