We came into being during the holidays of 1998 in the town of Bielsko-Biała, in the South of Poland. For one and a half years we played as a band of four and after this period of time our lead-singer Mukunda-Priya left us and was replaced by Nityangi (Natalia). In the same time Demonic left Omkara.

After two years of playing, in 2001 Dominik quit, and a year later Jajko and Rufa also left the band. Two new members - Bartek from Eksmisja (bass) and Szpara (guitar) - took their place. After about a year we parted with Bartek, as he was replaced by Pluton of Nyshynga (guitar). After a few months we said goodbye to Szpara (Marcin Parcia), who had stolen our equipment and fled the country. At the beginning of this year Rufa (bass) has come back to us.

These four people are currently Omkara:

Nityangi (Natalia): vocals / screams
Prema (Yoyo): drums, lyrics, screams / vocals
Pluton (Bartek): guitar
Rufa (Rafał): bass

Zdjęcie Omkary

Piotr and Natalia Jakimów (Prema & Nityangi)
tel.: +48 (33) 497-66-55
icq: 107714430
e-mail: omkara@omkara.pl

Bartek Pluciński (Pluton)
tel.kom.: (604) 07-65-89

Prema: yoyo@akurat.pl
Pluton: bart@omkara.pl
Rufa: rufa@go2.pl
Nityangi: nityangi@omkara.pl


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