How to make a theist from an atheist and vice versa?

I am wondering whether there is a sense in proving God's existence or his absence using logic.
Personally I have read many materials connected with both sides and honestly, in my opinion, from the
logical point of view every single of them seemed to have incontrovertible proofs.

Today all are able to prove everybody everything, especially, when somebody is fluent in fast, logical drawing conclusions, correct words choosing, putting the pressure on and manipulating his statement to make it most absorbing as possible, we can be sure that the proper effect will be achieved. I am not going to do that, though NLP is not strange to me and always more or less consciously I press my opinion. Backing to the subject, I would like to say that logic has limited usefulness, because it works within certain confines or context. Using logic for example, we can prove the nonsense of that logic. The thing is that you cannot find the absolute truth with logic.

From my own experience I know how is it when two persons, having extremely different views on some subject meet, and let's say, they both are devoted to their idea. Is it possible for them to find the absolute, universal truth? Imagine the atheist meeting theist to talk about his beliefs. Would somebody change his attitude after the conversation had ended? I surely doubt it.

What someone considers as "truth" results from many things - upbringing, actually popular trends, fear of being different, the will to be original, massmedias' propaganda, prejudices, cultural or psychical conditions, ambitions, personal experiences, emotional shortages, opinions of the closest for us etc. Nothing is possible to be ultimately proved to someone. We are not computers, which are only able to distinguish 0 from 1; we have lots sorts of feelings, desires, condition and so on.

We are not perfect creatures to draw certain conclusions, they will always be stained with an error. All this because of just one thing - we are not absolute. So what should we stick to? Us I believe. Trying as hard as possible, always when somebody wants to prove any sort of "truth" to you. In this world there is notultimate truth, here everyone has his own one - relative.

In my private opinion absolute truth exist. God is that truth. It is possible because He is able to seperate himself from dualisms of this world. He is over that. We may try hard, but our limited, always distinguishing mind can't allow that. But unfortunatelly I can't prove it to you here...


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Bhakta Jozeph
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