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We all wonder why, despite so many revolutions, protests and warnings, this world still remains such a rotten place. What is worse, we observe it consist in increasing degradation. More and more people ask themselves this question.

It seems that the answer is as simple. It happens like this because everyone wants to change the world except himself. So many manifestos, so many pointing the others.... so many hypocrisy.

We think that the change of the society for the better is possible, in spite of the history has been teaching us
something completely different since the beginning. As young people we have committed many mistakes and we will still commit them for a long time, but at the present moment we perceive the role of humility towards all what surrounds us. We believe that it is possible to live happily in this dominated by material desires world.

To fulfill it however, we have to derive pleasure from different source; we have to look for it inside us. First change yourself and world will take benefit of it for sure.

Omkara - that's just a few persons who try to concentrate on their inside development. Our signpost is the studies of ancient Wed and instructions form people more or less realized internally. This process is almost a foundation of what we are building with Omkara, because our texts touch up on many more particular elements of life.... and death.

So,certainly one of them is vegetarianism and setting free from stimulants or clearing our life starting from the outside. The next important subject is internal investigating, that is who we are and where can we possibly head to. This is a spiritual zone, which we would like to cast light on, because we know haw many people, thanks to false propaganda, feel disgust hearing only the words "soul", "religion" or "God".

We also witness how people from the other environments judge us, looking through the prism of our membership to Hare Krishna. We have already managed to hear dozens of accusations about sentimentality, sexism, blind faith, fanaticism and membership to a kult. Okay, if the symptoms of these phenomenons really occur in members of Omakra we will try do everything to correct it. Meanwhile we suggest all those people to concentrate on their own way and their own shortcomings.


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