Sex machine - Woman

It's hard to believe how many raped women exist around us. They live with a monstrous load of the feeling of guilt and shame, with a stamp left by some brutal primitive, charged up with desire, being fed on the nourishment served by television, press, billboards, magazines etc., which create the hideous image of women not as a person, but as a senses' satisfier - sex machine.

It all seems to be innocent, what in reality becomes so dangerous and people still ask themselves where does the rapes, acts with children, murders, wars and so on, come from? The answer is very simple: false propaganda of medias and the society, effectively controlling our minds, reducing our attention just to satisfaction of senses, to focus only on body, not on the person, soul.

Lot is being heard about sexual exploitation of women, about rapes. It appears as horrible, but has no greater influence on our lives until this tragedy concerns us, or our daughters, mothers, sisters, friends.

These are not plain facts, I do not write it under the influence of some article. I write it, because I know what it means, I have already survived this. I know what the tormenting nightmares are and a paralysing, mortal fear. Living with the awareness of that incident is terrible. From the inside, you stop being the same person; it changes you forever. The scar left on your psyche is a bigger harm than the experience itself.

I know that it sounds awful, and I know, that it is hard for those who haven't experienced it to identify with this phenomenon, but I hope, what I have written here will realise someone how horrible damage is being made to us, women. Everyone deserves respect. According to the Vedic culture, woman should be treated as a mother, because she hasn't been created for her body exploitation, but for loftier aims, mainly to give birth.

Now I know what Ray from Downset wanted to express when he had been singing the tune titled "Ritual": "Physical rape is a psychological murder."


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